Letters to the Editor

No convention hotel

I totally agree with former Miami Beach Mayor David Dermer’s March 3 letter, Vote No on hotel.

Never mentioned is that conventions booked years in advance cannot book a fly-in convention during hurricane season for obvious reasons. So all the new, big conventions will be set for the Miami Beach tourist peak season. The result will be a reduction of tourist hotel space, making the experience much less enjoyable with citywide overcrowding, pre-booked restaurants, pre-booked events and major venues.

This will dramatically undermine tourists’ experience. Miami-Dade residents will start avoiding the beach because of traffic (already bad), lack of parking and the inability to get reservations. In nonconvention times, Miami Beach needs this local business and more tourists.

Residents’ living experience will be compromised by all of the above. The “estimated $25 million annual” city revenue is actually over 99 years, and by year 60 is estimated to finally reach that figure. The first decade income is about $1 million per year — how does this help anything?

There are more than 300 projects in the works in Miami Beach and we have not felt the traffic impact of these. We are destroying a tourist haven chasing marginal dollars to be delivered decades from now. Think about our lives; Vote No on #61.

Larry Weinstein, Miami Beach