Letters to the Editor

Forget Rubio

So Marco Rubio went to Hialeah to implore Hispanics to help him win Florida. Well, why should they? What has he ever done for them?

Rubio is an empty suit, all sizzle and no steak. Ever since we sent him to the U.S. Senate with big hopes, he’s done exactly nothing for Hispanics, or for Florida for that matter. In fact, more often than not, he’s not even there when they vote, and the one good idea he was part of, immigration reform, he ran away from as fast as he could as soon as he felt a little political heat.

He was a big nothing in the state Legislature and he is a big nothing in the U.S. Senate and he would be a big nothing in the White House, were he, God forbid, ever elected. We’d have Norman Braman and his billionaire cronies as de facto presidents.

Werner Grob, Key Biscayne