Letters to the Editor

Sanders on Cuba

When Sen. Bernie Sanders talks about Cuba’s model of free healthcare and education as something we should admire and embrace he is delusional.

He has visited Cuba many times because the government knows he is a socialist and will be a good ambassador for their country. Cuban doctors get exported to other countries, example, Venezuela to get free oil for Cuba.

Doctors in Cuba look for jobs like driving cars as taxis to make a few pesos as they are struggling to live with low pay. Cuban hospitals are an abomination, family must take care of a loved one, bring their own supplies, bedding, and even food is sold to patients by vendors walking in and out all day.

Did Sanders see this? Education is free, and after students receive their degrees there is no work, no jobs, so they go back to school to get another degree.

Does Sanders think this is a good model for us to follow? We live in a democratic, capitalist country where we are only limited by our own ambition, regardless of race, color, creed or gender.

It’s there for the taking, the American Dream is still possible, that’s why immgration here continues.

Marie D. Valenti, South Miami