Letters to the Editor

Puerto Rico’s financial mess

What was really the point of covering how Puerto Rico got into its financial mess? Was it cruel curiosit, like watching a train wreck?

The article didn’t have any serious discussion on how Congress or any candidate for president will attempt to help this U.S. territory.

Ultimately, it’s true that Puerto Ricans are second-class U.S. citizens. Further, one does not have to have ESP to see that the last and only chance that Puerto Rico has to dig itself out of this crisis is disappearing quickly.

Specifically, Puerto Rico’s loss of its tourism industry will be the kill shot in the island’s death spiral.

This will happen soon with President Obama’s visit to Cuba, the American airlines currently lining up to obtain flying routes and because port facilities are being built in Varadero to accommodate large cruise ships.

A.L. Brignoni,

Coral Gables