Letters to the Editor

Save Babylon Apartments

I was happy to read the excellent March 6 article, Miami’s landmark Babylon Apartments, first Arquitectonica building, faces demolition. It is truly an iconic building that meets the criteria for “unusual merit” that allows building less than 50 years be listed under the city of Miami Preservation Ordinance.

Today, Arquitectonica, that started in Miami, has an international reputation. This is their first building. It set a style and a verve that thrust Miami onto the international architectural map. Tearing down the Babylon would be like tearing down a Frank Lloyd Wright early building in Illinois. Time moves forward and architectural styles change. More recent eras as well as outstanding architects and structures need to be considered.

We hope the citizens of Miami and all of South Florida will stand up and fight for an important piece of our architectural history and that city of Miami leaders make sure the Babylon survives as the first of its kind that launched Miami’s position in architectural history.

Arva Moore Parks,