Letters to the Editor

Entertaining news

After reading the March 7 Herald, I realize that there isn’t better entertainment these days than reading the newspaper; except, of course, watching the presidential debates.

On the same page, we have an article about a federal immigration judge who believes that migrant toddlers can defend themselves in court. Need I say more?

In another article, Donald Trump appears to advocate killing wives and children of militants to fight violent extremism.

Since Trump seems to believe that we have to “play the game” the same way as Islamic State militants do, I wonder if beheading will be considered.

Then there are the presidential debates, which appear to be the human version of the Barnum & Bailey circus.

Let’s not forget to acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s blatant dismissal of any wrongdoing in sending 104 e-mails on her private server while secretary of state.

Do we not realize the image we are presenting of the best of America or do we not care?

Joyce Voschin,