Letters to the Editor

Released to kill

It is interesting that the Jan. 11 article A look at Guantánamo prison, then and now, would appear in the same edition as the editorial, Finish the job.

The detailed listing of freed terrorists failed to mention that one of the more recent releases was Mohammed Zahir a few weeks ago. When captured he was in possession of Soviet-era sealed cans of U235 and 150 grams of uranium — and he was trafficking. Now he’s going back to al-Qaeda in Yemen.

The report given is a whitewash, but at least it does admit that the Obama administration doesn’t know what those who were released are doing now.

If the intent of the report is to undermine our ability to fight terrorists, then I guess articles like this influence the gullible that all of those released terrorists are of no risk. By the way, everything I read says 30 percent are known to have returned to killing Americans and our allies, not 6 percent as the article says.

John C. Pistorino, Pinecrest