Letters to the Editor

Gay weddings

I read with interest the March 3 report Florida Legislature passes protections for clergy who refuse same-sex weddings.

The article states, “Nevertheless, all 14 Senate Democrats and one Republican, Sen. René Garcia of Hialeah, voted against it. In the House, it drew opposition from 36 Democrats and Republican Rep. Bill Hager. Sen. Garcia and Rep. Hager exhibited a “profile in courage” against their party, casting their votes for Floridians in this century.

I can’t understand anyone (except Florida Republican lemmings) that can justify this type of thinking in 2016. The Florida Legislature will once again be ridiculed for its antiquated thinking in this day and age.

Thanks to Garcia and Hager for standing up for everyday Floridians and recognizing our dynamic and changing families.

Kelley C. Rice-Schild,

Coral Gables