Letters to the Editor

GOP panic attack

Re the March 3 story Panic swells talk of contested convention: After seven years of opposing anything Obama, becoming a do-nothing Congress and even shutting down the government, now Republicans are panicking because voters are so fed up with politicians that a loud-mouthed demagogue is leading the GOP.

They created this problem by not putting forth credible programs to counter what they didn’t like from the Democrats. Instead, the GOP just said No.

So what is their answer now? To completely destroy the party to prevent Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

The voters are angry with the wrong end of Pennsylvania Avenue. If they really want change, vote out all of the incumbents in the House and Senate and let the new bunch know that we want them to listen to us and get things done, otherwise they will be gone the next time, too. It’s time for politicians to stop acting like 5 year olds. Compromise isn’t a curse word, it’s how our government works.

Oh, those poor Republicans — it’s as if they’ve been adopted by the Kardashians. It would be rather entertaining if it wasn’t so scary.

Charles Peters,