Letters to the Editor

Unfair legislation

I love teaching the future, as do most educators. I am a National Board Certified Teacher, but lost my state award because of a lack of funds.

Yet state Rep. Erik Fresen’s furtive bill to pay $10,000 annually to teachers who themselves scored in a required percentage when they took the SAT/ACT test up to 50 years ago is squeaking by the House again this year.

In addition, veteran educators who confirm an SAT score still need a highly effective rating on a nonsensical measurement system that is unfair and biased.

Taxpayers should know that the bill is wrong and is treating educators unfairly and misdirecting funds.

Joyce Seigel, Davie

People’s choice

If the Republican Party threatens to block the people’s choice of a candidate legitimately chosen through the party rules, Jimmy Carter may have to monitor our own elections.

Stephen Jones,