Letters to the Editor

American Dream deal

The March 4 article Bill could provide tax funds for American Dream Miami, reports that Sen. Miguel Díaz de la Portilla is sponsoring a bill to allow the creation of special tax districts, as large as 300 acres.

The senator says his bill didn’t include authorization for new tax districts, but a west coast state senator added that language.

This bill would save millions to the American Dream project in that they would not have to pay for the necessary roads and improvements, as well as sewage and other utilities.

This would be paid by the property taxes collected by the county. “American Dream” and “Miami-Dade County” are not specifically mentioned, as it is a statewide bill, but the specifics point to this local project.

Díaz de la Portilla happens to be counselor for the American Dream Miami project. Coincidence?

This is unethical, to say the least, on the part of the senator and bribery by American Dream Miami, for hiring the senator to do whatever is needed to save them big money.

Then again, the Senate and the House write the laws, including these sweetheart deals to themselves.

Francisco J. Jiménez,