Letters to the Editor

Charter-school funding

It’s interesting that Miami-Dade County Public Schools has issued a rallying cry to PTA/PTSA members to speak out against the charter school capital outlay funding that would be provided by Florida HB 873. A few miles north of district headquarters, we are scratching our heads.

In Miami Shores, it’s easy to identify a funding inequity. It’s not a story of our poor district school. It’s a story of our poor charter school.

Our village built and opened its own municipal charter school in 2005 on which our taxpayers still owe $4.05 million. Then, in 2012, that same beleaguered Shores resident began paying the district’s $1.2 billion 21st Century bond for capital outlay improvements to district schools only.

Our own Doctors Charter School started out receiving over $450 per student annually in capital outlay. Our school has been very responsible with those dollars. By this school year, capital outlay payments are down to $193 per student. How are we supposed to pay those expenses?

PolitiFact Florida said it best when it studied this funding inequity and determined that district capital funding per student is $1,300 while the charter school student received $200. May the House and Senate see this truth and work to correct it for all charter school students statewide.

Alice Burch, mayor, Miami Shores