Letters to the Editor

Inmate’s death no accident

Recently, I heard Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle speak about some of the accomplishments of her office. She provided some encouraging news.

However, I and others are still waiting for Rundle to address the killing of Darren Rainey more than three years ago by correctional officers. We waited because police and medical examiner’s investigations were still pending.

Now we have read part of the medical examiner’s report. It says that Rainey’s death was “accidental” and from “complications of schizophrenia.” Probably every relative of a schizophrenic gasped in disbelief upon reading that sentence.

And accidental? It was no accident that the officers locked the shower door and set the water temperature at its hottest from outside the shower.

If this crime had been committed in the street, I’m confident that the perpetrators would have been arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced by now.

Carol Nagengast, Miami