Letters to the Editor

Warming to Trump

It’s baffling to me how the Republican Party demanded loyalty from Trump to support the Republican nominee at the onset of his run for the White House, but now they’re vigorously working to derail him from receiving the nomination despite the wishes of the voters.

Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and others in the Republican establishment are now at the mercy of the monied power brokers who are demanding that Donald Trump be taken down. With Trump in power, their power structure will be shaken, if not destroyed. This holds true for both Republicans and Democrats, which is why Trump is so appealing to voters and so frightening to the political establishment. He is beholden to no one.

I haven’t been a Trump fan throughout this election process, but the more I see of the establishment, the more I am leaning to Trump. And I am not alone.

As Donald Trump gets closer to clinching the Republican nomination for President of the United States, the GOP is in turmoil. Will it fall behind Trump should he win, or will the party split?

Patricia Pierce, Davie