Letters to the Editor

Praying for Rubio

Eighteen years ago, I had a unique experience. As a priest I was assigned to prepare a man for his wedding day and to perform the ceremony. It’s a six-month process so I got a glimpse into the personal life of another person in a way that most people do not.

He was an articulate man who had a tremendous will to succeed and to leave his mark in the best sense of the word. He demonstrated the kind of leadership qualities I have rarely seen. He often spoke of his love for his country. I was impressed by the depth of his global perspective regarding world affairs.

He struck me as a man of profound personal conviction. He demonstrated a wisdom well beyond his years. I felt instinctively that he was destined for great things. My encounter with this man inspired me to become a U.S. citizen. I spent some time with him again in 2010. I realized the qualities I have described had developed exponentially.

I speak of Sen. Marco Rubio. I was impressed with Rubio when I first met him. The same is true today. I pray that he gets his party’s nomination and that he goes on to be elected president of this great country.

The Rev. Anthony O’Brien, Tamarac