Letters to the Editor

Liberty City havens

As our community mourns the loss of King Carter and the seemingly endless shootings that plague our streets, we must find ways to come together in hope rather than in sorrow.

There are more than 16,000 children (0-24 years old) living in Liberty City. The majority of them aren’t gunning each other down in drivebys or drug deals. Instead, they are striving for excellence in school, praying in church and yearning for outlets through which they can positively express themselves.

After-school and summer programs at Hadley Park, our own Project Promise and Young Talent Big Dreams — a countywide competition sponsored by The Children’s Trust and Actors’ Playhouse going on right now — are several opportunities young people should take advantage of.

Young Talent Big Dreams, for example, is holding auditions at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center on Saturday, March 5. Liberty City children and youth need to seize moments like these to showcase their resilience at a time when the news of the day fills everyone with despair.

For those children — for all children in Miami-Dade — let us continue to seek out havens where they can rise above, thrive and grow.

Cecilia A. Gutierrez, Miami