Letters to the Editor

Marco Rubio’s descent

I was saddened to see U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio cast off his sunny tone and descend into the gutter of trash talk he’d previously disavowed — even going so far after the last debate as to laughingly suggest his opponent “wet his pants.” Is this any example for Rubio to set for anyone — especially his children? He’s made age an issue in the race — but he now sounds 4, not 44.

It’s bad enough he had already, in his first Senate term, so forsaken his duties that Floridians elected him to fulfill while running around the country trying to get elected president. But while he’s so derelict in performing his obligations to us — being the most absent senator for bill votes — this is also the image of Flori-duh he presents to the country? That we elected a senator who not only is AWOL, but also so puerile in his discourse?

Cynthia Drew, Coral Gables