Letters to the Editor

Reconsider punishment for Major McQueen

Miami Police Maj. Craig McQueen, a 33-year veteran of the department and a pillar of the community, was the subject of the Jan. 10 article Miami police major faces demotion or retirement over youth football emails.

When I last encountered McQueen he was at a Stop the Violence meeting attempting to come up with ways our community could heal itself. The story alleges that the major used city emails to conduct business related to the Optimist program that he apparently runs.

As a former firefighter and paramedic, I understand the importance of not using the department’s email or other property for private use. However, when an officer has risen to the ranks of major and has otherwise exemplified the honor and respect due the police department, he should have been given a reprimand or, perhaps, a stern warning not to use his email account for personal use.

To threaten him with a demotion or retirement is a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime. I urge the mayor, city manager and police chief to reconsider this position.

William D.C. Clark, Miami