Letters to the Editor

Common sense

I read with interest about how Broward commissioners have talked about putting a penny transit tax measure on the November ballot. I also read the letters on unsolved traffic problems, the rude culture of I-95 drivers, and the egregious speeding on our highways.

Sadly, the wave of distrust and frustration isn’t being answered by the responsible areas of government. In fact, recent letter writers said that they will be wintering elsewhere next year because the traffic is doing them in.

I’m proposing an additional penny tax to fund a new position: Commissioner of Common Sense. This badly needed position would be able to take immediate corrective action on traffic, red-light cameras, unreasonable behavior and consequences that would follow the lawbreakers.

The COCS must start with a winning personality and have credibility within the local community. I’d ask Coach Don Shula to serve the first year. He could hire Dolphin players to be the enforcers of the penalties levied. This team could help spearhead the much-needed change in the current toxic culture of “me first” and “I’m above the law” that’s found in South Florida.

Jim Lentz,

Fort Lauderdale