Letters to the Editor

Rescue murders

Last week, I attended the 20th Anniversary Memorial Mass for the four local fliers murdered by the Cuban Air Force while engaged in a humanitarian search-and-rescue mission in international waters.

Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña and Pablo Morales were all residents of Miami, volunteering their time to Brothers to the Rescue.

As a young lawyer, I helped represent their families in an effort to hold the Cuban government accountable for their murders.

To this day, I remember the horror of listening to the transmissions of the Soviet MiG fighter pilots ordered to kill American citizens flying unarmed civilian aircraft over international waters.

Their vulgar expressions of joy and celebration as they reported their successful mission still haunt me.

The memory of Armando, Carlos, Mario and Pablo is not forgotten.

President Obama should take the time to reflect — as a matter of conscience — on their deaths when he shakes the hand of Raúl Castro.

It was on his personal and direct order these four American citizens were assassinated.

Victor M. Diaz Jr.,

Miami Beach