Letters to the Editor

Against the hotel

In spite of the barrage of advertisements in support of the Convention Center hotel tower, the voter is missing a key piece of information for the decision-making process — a full, contextual view of how the 288-foot tall high-rise would fit into the heart of Miami Beach.

Despite repeated requests, voters are still missing fully contextual renderings of the first such high-rise in the city center — one that would loom over Soundscape Park, Lincoln Road, and the oceanfront Art Deco hotels that surround it. How would a postcard of our city look with a convention hotel behemoth at its center? Will we not know until it is too late?

We therefore request the city manager provide residents with independently sourced renderings of the project, including its full scale from near and far, and visuals of shadows that will be cast. Voters would need to see these essentials by March 1. Unless we see different, we’re voting No, #61, on this proposal.

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, commissioner, David Dermer, former mayor, and seven others,

Miami Beach