Letters to the Editor

Find an alternative

The proposed hotel, at 300 feet and with 800 rooms, will be larger than virtually all other Miami Beach hotels.

Nothing in the immediate area, a sunny, open, low-rise neighborhood of human scale, approaches such a monolith. Indeed one of Miami Beach’s most prestigious synagogues, Temple Emanu-el, will be virtually next door. It will be a glaring encroachment on a section of the city that has always been local in character.

Why must voters be faced with a such an undesirable choice: no hotel at all or a zombie hotel? Can we not have a choice of something more in keeping with the immediate neighborhood? Think of the recent election on the future of North Beach — an attempt to enrich a single developer, who demanded ownership of the whole neighborhood in return for merely a promise that others might also prosper.

The proposed hotel is once again trickle-down economic theory at its worst.

Like North Beach, the current plan should be soundly rejected, in the hope that local politicians can then find us a more suitable alternative.

Michael Peskoe,

Miami Beach