Letters to the Editor

Rethink hotel plans

The Miami Beach Convention Center could possibly benefit from a new hotel, but not in the design proposed. The huge tower will loom over historic Lincoln Road, the Art Deco District and the magnificent Frank Gehry New World Center, and its idyllic lawn venue for outdoor concertgoers.

I don’t think that the studies that say that construction and traffic would not be are correct. My six years on the Historic Preservation Board leads me to believe otherwise. Traffic studies are often inaccurate.

There are 325 new developments under way in Miami Beach; we do not know the impact of traffic they will have, and our city is already in gridlock. Will another 800 rooms help that?

I would encourage the city to look at the P Lot, which is around the corner from the proposed site, allowing more entry and exit points for the hotel and keeping traffic off the 17th Street New World corridor. And certainly a lower profile.

A No vote is not anti-hotel. The plan could be tweaked and the design revisited. Meanwhile, we still have plenty of hotel rooms.

David S. Wieder, former chair, Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board, Miami Beach