Letters to the Editor

Reform Islam

I find Mansura Minhas’ Feb. 22 article, Get to know the ‘True Islam,’ to be a bit naive. Americans don’t need to be educated regarding the true teachings of Islam; Muslims need that education.

My husband and I have traveled to over 130 countries. I have had in-depth conversations with very educated Muslim women who vigorously defend Sharia law (in part). I truly see no way forward for Islam until there is a major reformation which addresses female genital circumcision, honor killings, stoning of women accused of adultery and last but not least, some reconciliation between the Shia and Sunni.

I see little acknowledgment on the part of political or spiritual leaders in the Muslim communities. So please, spare me the lecture. I’m sick and tired of being told we have to avoid any possible negativity toward Islam.

Jeannette Graham,

Coral Gables