Letters to the Editor

Charter schools

Florida Rep. Erik Fresen is doing all he can this session to promote charter schools. He gets a small salary for being a representative and a huge salary of $150,000 a year working for a firm that builds charter schools.

Besides Fresen, there are a half dozen or more lawmakers tied to the charter-school industry and for-profit colleges. They see nothing wrong with this conflict and work for the benefit of these schools. Meanwhile, public schools suffer.

In the 1980s, there was a call for building “Saturn Schools,” which could teach in ways public schools could not. Many years later, these schools morphed into charter schools. Surprise, our public schools have caught up. Whatever a charter school can do, we can do, and often, better.

Fresen and all the lawmakers with this conflict of interest should leave their full-time jobs with ties to charter schools and finish out their legislative terms without running again. We know they won’t.

This conflict is costing us money unecessarily. We should vote them out of office.

Alan Rigerman,

Palm Springs North