Letters to the Editor

Hillary’s must stay

I have great respect for Mike Abrams, but his Feb. 19 column, Clinton should withdraw from the presidential race, was mean-spirited and seemingly based on what he acknowledged is a longstanding personal bias against her.

Take the assertion that the electorate is “69 percent non-Hispanic white.” This may be true, but belies the fact that the Democratic primary electorate is much more diverse and that diversity is precisely what allowed President Obama to build a coalition that twice won the presidency.

Likewise that her support is stronger amongst senior than millennials. Yes, millennials are an important piece of the Democratic base, but seniors are more so. Abrams further fails to illuminate who would carry the Democratic mantle in Clinton’s absence. Certainly he doesn’t want that person to be Bernie Sanders, who has never even been a member of the Democratic Party for which Abrams served as county chairman and a state representative.

Ben Pollara, Coral Gables