Letters to the Editor

Frost Museum ills

Re the Feb. 23 article Before taking over, Frosts held money from troubled science museum: The rescue plan outlined in the article isn’t an industry standard. It’s time that journalists do the research on industry standards of museums. This information is easy to find through organizations like the Institute of Museum & Library Services and the American Alliance of Museums.

Museums opening with the kind of debt the Museum of Science will assume at its opening rarely, if ever, survive without significant public funding. Like the Miami Children’s Museum, Parrot Jungle, Adrienne Arsht Center and PAMM before it, the museum will be back for more money very soon.

We can’t rely on verbal commitments from Frost CEO Gillian Thomas or volunteer leadership anymore. It’s critical that political officials, led by County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, implement the transparent accountability measures necessary to ensure the proper use of our community’s significant investments in this project.

Samuel Joseph, Coral Gables