Letters to the Editor

Brothers to the Rescue memorial

Twenty years ago this week, four Brothers to the Rescue fliers were shot down and killed on the orders of Fidel Castro while they flew two civilian planes through international airspace in a search and rescue mission for Cuban rafters.

Killed were Mario de la Peña, 24; Carlos Costa, Pablo Morales, both 30, and Armando Alejandre Jr., 45, all of Miami-Dade.

What drove them to risk their lives on board small civilian planes flying through the Florida Straits? The knowledge that somewhere as many as 100,000 Cubans have died trying to flee Cuba.

The monied interests are pushing a message in the media that young Cuban-Americans don’t care about what has gone on in the past or that human rights continue to be systematically violated today while at the same time pushing a business agenda with the Castro regime.

If you want to counter this false narrative, then there’s something that you can do. On Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 3 p.m., join us at the main fountain at FIU to join hands in a moment of silence for these four heroes that will begin at 3:21 p.m.

Rey Anthony, Student Advocate, Free Cuba Foundation