Letters to the Editor

President Sanders?

I don’t understand pundits like Leonard Pitts Jr. He’s a great writer and brings a point of view that I appreciate. But like so many other liberal/progressive writers, he is under the mistaken idea that Hillary Clinton will be able to work together with the Republicans.

They hate her. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they will find plenty to dislike about Sen. Bernie Sanders soon enough. But they despise Clinton. From Benghazi to her emails to Whitewater.

So, for Pitts to make the case that we need a centrist to get things done in Washington, he’s dreaming. We need the strongest advocate for progressive/liberal causes we can find. And then we will have to fashion a Congress willing to actually compromise. But it all begins with Sanders as president.

Don McAdam,

Sandy Springs, GA