Letters to the Editor

Protect Medicare Advantage

I love my Medicare Advantage plan. I’m 69 years old and have had my plan for four years. But I’m concerned about the future.

I consider myself lucky. I’m in good overall health and take many steps to ensure I keep chronic diseases at bay. I make it a priority to utilize the programs made available through my Medicare Advantage plan to promote my health. Programs such as Silver Sneakers, among many others, empower me to stay healthy, and the need to keep these benefits in place should be a priority.

Florida has the largest senior voice in the United States, and we must use our collective strength to protect Medicare Advantage.

This spring, the federal government may consider changes to this important program, and any cuts or price increases could be detrimental to the health of hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

Washington needs to keep the well-being of seniors in mind when discussing possible changes to Medicare Advantage. We must urge our legislators to protect us. Medicare Advantage has already been cut in recent years. We seniors need to hear that it will not be cut in the future.

Maggie Senra, Miami Lakes