Letters to the Editor

Moderate candidate

Unfortunately, the Miami Herald Editorial Board missed a great opportunity to show its readers the hypocrisy of both political parties in their statements about the replacement of Justice Scalia. It would have been more factual to point out that Democrats have been just as culpable.

People like Democrat Pat Leahy and his so-called “Thurmond Rule” or Sen. Chuck Schumer have made fools of themselves when you see the speeches they made years ago when the shoe was on the other foot.

Not to mention President Obama, who as a senator filibustered and would not permit a vote initially on the appointment of Justice Samuel Alito by then President Bush.

It’s issues like these and the continued polarization of the parties that has led this country to the likes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It’s time for a strong moderate to step forward and unite this country or God help us all.

Alan Merkur, Hollywood