Letters to the Editor

Modern feminism

In her Feb. 16 column, Feminism is facing a serious generation gap, Ana Veciana-Suarez makes a valid point about choices being one of the successes of modern feminism. But she stops short by not also noting that choices have consequences.

As a feminist closer in age to the Gloria Steinem/Madeleine Albright era than to the millennials, I speak often before women’s groups to emphasize that, for example, deciding not to work outside the home can be a devastating financial choice when the working partner decides he or she is no longer committed to the relationship.

Similarly, public policies often limit the freedom to make choices that too many women still don’t enjoy.

I’ve quoted Albright’s “special place in hell” remark in the context of women supporting women in the workplace. But I agree, as Albright herself has admitted, that it shouldn’t apply in politics.

Donna Hrinak, Miami