Letters to the Editor

Highway help needed

During the mid 1970s, the Florida Department of Transportation was formulating the 1985 highway plan for the state.

During the study, it became obvious that Miami-Dade County would need four north-south expressways: 1-95 and Le Jeune/Douglas and state roads 826 and 821, which is the turnpike.

Unfortunately, during public hearings for the Le Jeune/Douglas corridor, a local politicians made it clear that this expressway would not be built. As a result, three expressways are carrying the projected traffic for four expressways.

On Nov. 16, 2015, the southbound lanes on 1-95 were closed for a total of eight hours. This is utterly unacceptable.

Each 12-foot lane is an essential lifeline of the community.

It is my understanding that authority at the scene passed from one agency to another. The line of authority must be clear at all times.

The state DOT, FHP, and other responders do a satisfactory job, but they could use some help.

The Chicago incident management team, known as the Minutemen, has more than 36 state-owned wreckers in service during peak hours, and they do a superb job. Blocking one of three lanes cuts traffic flow by 50 percent.

Blocking two of three lanes cuts traffic flow by 80 percent.

The Traffic Incident Management Team should be given every resource needed to quickly restore traffic flow, similar to the Minutemen.

Charles M. Conkling,