Letters to the Editor

Homestead not far

What is wrong with Miam-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and FIU in regard to the Youth Fair?

I read the caption “Homestead is too remote” and almost fell off my chair.

What are they thinking? I live in Redland, which is right outside of Homestead, and I drove to the Fair, with a granddaughter who came in from Texas just to go to the event.

Are the people in Miami so lazy that they can’t get in their cars to drive down U.S. 1? Gee, it seems that NASCAR fans can drive from all over creation to get to Homestead for a car race.

We’re not in the outer limits of the universe, and it may help to bring a bit more of an economic boon to a town that is still recovering from Hurricane Andrew.

I’m just disgusted with these two groups fighting like schoolyard bullies. They should get their act together and settle this, once and for all.

Mary Dukanauskas,