Letters to the Editor

Changing America

Re Feb. 12 letters End of the Obama era and American values:

For some Americans, President Obama can’t do anything right.

It’s depressing to continue reading the negative comments heaped upon the man who has been trying to clean up after “W.”

He did not inherit a perfect presidency. Early in his first term, a radio commentator hoped that the president would fail. How sad — this is America.

As for American values, Florida’s junior senator doesn’t know America’s history.

He is trumpeting the notion that the president wants to change America. As a retired black, law-abiding man I can attest to the humiliation of having had to sit in the back of buses and drink from “colored” water fountains. These represent just a few of the indignities people of my race have suffered. So from then to now, I’m glad that American values are changing.

Ollie Daniels,

Pembroke Pines