Letters to the Editor

Cuba trip overdue

As we await the barrage of anti-Obama and anti-normaliazation comments, I hope that the Miami Herald and other news media will display the picture of Republican President Richard Nixon during his visit to China — communist China. I do not recall any large outcry at that time or when we renewed relations with East Germany and even South Vietnam, which is now a hot spot for tourism.

I am in business and have contacts all over the United States and the world.

Many have questioned why America’s Cuban policy is run by a small group of exiles in Miami when the rest of the world is welcoming the relations with open arms in order to expand business and travel and good will.

And I believe that most Americans also welcome this change. Why should we be left out of the economy and good will that will be engendered by the long overdue thawing of relations?

Philip S. Goldin,

Miami Beach