Letters to the Editor

STS failures

I’m a mother of a 19-year-old with autism. He’s been using Miami-Dade County’s Special Transportation Service for a few years, and I’ve seen its ups and downs. It’s a great service for individuals that do not have proper transportation, but it is clearly abusing and infringing upon the rights of those that cannot speak for themselves.

According to a representative, it’s fine for a person to be in transport for 78 minutes for a trip of less than four miles. It’s OK to take disabled individuals miles away from their destination because they can. Until recently, if STS was late then the $3.50 charge was waived; now that has been removed. STS has no one to hold them accountable.

Recently my son was in an accident in STS miles away from his job to which he was already late, and no one called me. My son sent me a text, and I found him by an app. We need help!

Lynette Estrada, Homestead