Letters to the Editor

Denied Medicaid

I’m a retired cardiologist from Pittsburgh. I was the managing partner of a large practice of 12 cardiologists, three offices and more than 50 employees. I know healthcare from the perspective of a small business owner, a healthcare provider and, occasionally, a patient.

After retiring I became the medical director of national markets for Highmark Blue Cross. I understand healthcare from the perspective of the insurance marketplace. What I don’t understand is how denying access to healthcare is good for the well being of our community.

I used to vote for thoughtful Republicans. However, in today’s political climate I wouldn’t think of voting for a Republican. Hundreds of thousands of Medicaid-eligible Floridians are being denied healthcare purely for mean-spirited political reasons. Accessing federal dollars for Medicaid is good for Florida business — hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, and doctors benefit and, by the way patients benefit, too. Residents should call and write their elected officials and tell them to do the right thing.

Larry Hurwitz, Bay Harbor Islands