Letters to the Editor

Magnet programs

I disagree with Sen. Anitere Flores’ Feb. 9 letter, Middle schools magnet programs, claiming more middle-school magnet programs are needed in MDCPS schools. On the contrary, more magnet programs are inappropriate for young children.

These programs limit electives and course offerings and force children as young as 11 to forgo the basic components of a quality, 21st-century education. While it is laudable that students at the Ammons magnet can choose to study Spanish or French, all middle schoolers should be studying foreign language. All should have the opportunity to study art, music and civics.

Before the current MDCPS magnet mania overtook us, those courses were called electives, and they were open to all and widely available. Now, our school system is imposing “Chipotle education” on our kids: a limited menu that, while tasty, is by no means balanced or healthy. Our children deserve the full, three-course meal.

Anna Hochkammer, Pinecrest