Letters to the Editor

Middle schools magnet programs are needed

Over the past few months I enjoyed the opportunity to visit all the public middle schools in District 37. I’m proud of the progress each of these schools has made. Their work is exceptional, and I salute the faculty, staff and students as well as the administration and School Board for their leadership.

Since I was first elected to the Florida Legislature in 2004, I’ve seen incredible advances in our educational system. I’m confident that we will continue to strive and challenge ourselves to achieve even greater accomplishments.

Every school in District 37 offers students the opportunity to participate in a Magnet Academy that focuses on specific subject areas, along with a hands-on learning approach. They offer a variety of programs that provide career and vocational training in areas such as health services, language immersion, fine arts, agriculture, law and public service. Students have the opportunity to Choosing a focused path helps students pursue a future career. and even enroll in high school credit course, thus enabling them to be ahead when they enter high school.

All of the schools middle schools in the district have established a classroom to be used for the iPrep Academy that educates students using the most up-to-date technology and prepare them for the challenges of competing in a 21st Century society.

At Herbert A. Ammons Middle School students have the option of choosing Spanish or French when they enroll into the International Baccalaureate program. This enables the students to engage themselves in the language intensely and further perfect their abilities with it. Redland Middle’s and their Future Farmers of America club has gone to competed on the national level against middle and high schools alike and have brought home awards.

Students at Hammocks Middle School are offered the opportunity to engage in an in-depth law program where they stage mock trials in a make-believe courtroom. Different law firms around the city have also donated law books and statutes for these students to create their own law library. Visiting students and teachers while class was in session, I was able to see the high levels of engagement of students and teachers alike.

These are just some of the examples of success found in the schools I have the honor to represent. By working together – state and local policy makers, parents, teachers, students and the entire South Florida community – we can ensure that future students will be as bright and successful as those I have already seen.

Anitere Flores, state senator, District 37, Miami