Letters to the Editor

Internment is wrong

I was appalled by Sander Poritzky’s Jan. 8 letter, Internment for Muslim enemies. He cites the internment of Americans of Japanese and German heritage during World War II as justification for the internment of Muslims today.

It was wrong then and would be wrong now. Moreover, he creates a test that would force only Muslims to swear to certain beliefs.

Such a concept violates the constitutional rights of freedom of expression and religion we cherish. And, it would be useless: Terrorists intent on doing us harm would swear anything to stay free to do their violent acts.

Until 9/11, the worst terrorist act committed in the United States was done by Timothy McVeigh, not a Muslim extremist.

Terrorists of all religions and beliefs are the enemy. Sentiments such as those expressed by Poritzky betray our most important principles.

Naomi Smith, Fort Lauderdale