Letters to the Editor

Religious voices

Letter writer Arlene Ross has a problem with Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s political statements. She says that since the church is a tax-exempt organization and that Wenski has taken an “oath of poverty,” therefore the he and the church should refrain from voicing opinions regarding secular, political issues.

I disagree. Religious leaders of all faiths should be able to freely voice their concerns about the secular.

Without Rev. Martin Luther King’s voice, we would still have drinking fountains for blacks and whites. Archbishop Wenski is a leader of an important segment of our community, and his words influence many who are not Catholic as well as members of his congregation. Although I am not a member of his church, I welcome his take on the often-grubby secular world of politics. I would welcome the opinion of other men of God about our “political lives.

Politics has the most important influence in all of our lives, for without moral, ethical politics, our society would self destruct into anarchy, tyranny and chaos.

Robert E. Pickard, Miami