Letters to the Editor

Saving our local agriculture

Re the Jan. 3 article Bumper crop in South Dade is no boon for farmers: We are most proud of our Redland and Homestead farmers, pickers, packers and distributors.

Together they provide us with an abundance of locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees and plants, as well as breads, pies, cinnamon sticky buns, milkshakes and honey.

We are fortunate to be blessed with plenty of fresh water from the aquifer, rich soil, great weather and a dedicated labor force.

It’s up to elected leaders to help maintain this rich agricultural industry by respecting and protecting its specific zoning.

They must not continue to bow to the pressures of developers who want quick profit by spot-rezoning to further expand suburban sprawl.

Our leaders must not encourage more decimation of productive farm lands by widening Krome Avenue or continuing to move the Urban Development Boundary further west.

We must stand firm in our efforts to save rich agricultural lands for future generations.

Otherwise, we will have to import even more fruits, vegetables and flowers from Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb, Coconut Grove