Letters to the Editor

Marco Rubio should wait

It’s going to be a long time before another senator is elected as president.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the far-right Ted Cruz, far-left Elizabeth Warren or Libertarian Rand Paul.

It’s obvious we need executive experience in the White House. Running a large state is much better training for the big job.

Even running a major corporation is preferred to speech making and law debating.

Marco Rubio should take heed not to buck this strong tide. He should realize that as a young man he will probably get his shot, but not this time around.

Jeb Bush has the mojo now and, outside of Miami hardline support, he will definitely be the Republican choice in the Sunshine State.

It’s best for Rubio to form alliances and not fight a battle he cannot, and will not, win.

Bob Guerin, Marathon