Letters to the Editor

Shuttle denied at MIA

I have noticed several articles over the last year in the Miami Herald regarding the challenges at Miami International Airport and the effects on the passengers.

On Jan. 1, I arrived on an international flight, and upon exiting the skyway there were two courtesy shuttles that I assumed were for anyone needing a little extra assistance to reach U.S. Customs, given that it is a very long walk to get there.

I asked the driver if I could ride, but I was denied, and the driver responded that he had to take the flight crew. I’m an amputee from birth and walk with the use of crutches, and while I am mobile, the shuttle cart would have been helpful, plus my elderly father-in-law could have used the assistance as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that I’ve had issues with the courtesy shuttle at MIA, but it’s time that Miami-Dade County leaders become aware of the actions of some of the airport’s vendors.

Lance A. Benson,