Letters to the Editor

Dozier story hype

The news media have overplayed the story of mistreatment of boys at Dozier School for Boys.

For more than a century, troubled boys were sent to a reform school in Northwest Florida. Some never came home. The implication is that inmates were unnecessarily executed.

Let’s consider the facts: The school operated for 110 years. Average population was around 500.

With an average stay of one year, more than 50,000 wayward boys attended. When I was growing up, this was a real deterrent to misbehavior.

Now people with good intentions are trying to make it look like some students were executed. Graveyards are being searched. To date, fewer than 50 graves can be tied to Dozier. This is no more than normal attrition.

Compare this with the Miami-Dade County jail in operation for almost as long. More deaths occurred in our own back yard.

Clyde Roach, Miami