Letters to the Editor

Evil attacks

It is time, and has been so for years, for President Barack Obama and his followers to speak out against the Islamist terrorists whose aim is to kill infidels. An “infidel” is anyone who doesn’t buy into Islam insanity.

Obama, in reacting to the Paris slaughter of journalists, calls it “evil.” But it is much more than that. It is Muslim madmen perverting the Muslim religion.

Why can’t Obama call these unprovoked attacks carried out in the name of Allah by its name: Islamic terrorism? It appears that Obama senses that he must be low key so as not to offend Muslims who subscribe to Islam. But he must step up.

What signal is the president sending in his watered-down comments to Americans and other citizens of the world who are demanding a firm commitment by the United States against Islamic terrorists?

William Juneau, Parkland