Letters to the Editor

Scalise and the Klan

Re the Dec. 31 article, Majority whip voices regret for talk to white supremacists: Why the outrage over House majority whip Steve Scalise speaking at a white supremacist meeting?

If severely criticized by many in our nation, he should be praised to the hilt by today’s Republican Party. Prejudice and intolerance can be seen in practically everything the Republicans do today.

Is this not the party that tried everything it could to prevent minorities from voting?

Is this not the party that has gerrymandered districts to weaken blacks from having any impact at the voting booth? Is this not the party that is doing everything possible to keep minorities economically at the bottom of the earning scale?

Is this not the party that refuses to create new jobs by not funding much-needed infrastructure improvements for our nation? Is this not the party that has repeatedly tried to rescind healthcare assistance for those who need it most?

Steve Scalise fits in perfectly with today’s Republicans. He should, and does, hold an honorable position totally reflective of their ideologies. The ghost of Strom Thurmond would be proud.

Alan Becker, Davie