Letters to the Editor

Charlie Hebdo attack

The gruesome attack on staffers of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris is the latest in a barrage of killings purported in the name of Islam. It is a heinous atrocity that must be condemned outright and unapologetically.

As a Muslim, I'm disgusted by the hate enacted by the killers to avenge for the satire against Prophet Muhammad. These killings are antithetical to the spirit of tolerance that Prophet Muhammad embodied.

There is a multitude of anecdotes from Prophet Muhammad's life that demonstrate his restraint in the face of verbal abuse and even when he was physically hurt by his opponents. Tolerance and forgiveness define his character.

The perpetrators of the attack on Charlie Hebdo are savages with misconstrued ideals and evil political ambitions. They are diabolic and a blemish on humanity. Their ilk continues to pose the gravest danger to the entire world including the one billion plus Muslims.

Mansura Bashir Minhas, Hollywood