Letters to the Editor

Worldcenter jobs

The Jan. 1 editorial, Wish list for 2015, claims that the developers of Miami Worldcenter have vowed “to pay higher wages and ensure that contractors hire up to one-third of their unskilled workers from Overtown and other low-income parts of the county.”

However, the developers pledged to pay unskilled construction workers $6 an hour less than the county’s responsible wage, and made no pledge regarding wages for the thousands of permanent jobs at the site. As for hiring, the developer’s only enforceable pledge is to hire 30 percent of the unskilled workforce from throughout Miami-Dade, not from its poorest neighborhoods.

I’m glad to hear that the Herald editorial board would support living wage and local hiring requirements in exchange for the $175 million taxpayer subsidy we have just pledged to Miami Worldcenter. Overtown needs real commitments, not wishful thinking.

Henry Brown, Eradicating the School to Prison Pipeline, Miami Gardens